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SPEC-REM S.A. is a repair and construction-assembly company, We have large and professional technical, organizational and executive potential, experienced fitters and welders and equipment, which allows us to prepare a full construction process (design, obtaining a building permit and construction of an industrial facility) or repair process.
We employ staff with extensive professional experience and are able to perform tasks quickly and with the highest quality. Currently we have over 100 employees.
We deliver our services in Poland and abroad and our specialization are repair works during turnarounds of petrochemical and chemical installations. Thanks to many years of industry experience, we are able to conduct works on the installation in effective and safe manner. In addition to repair works, we modernize industrial installations with equal efficiency.
Our qualifications are confirmed, among others, by ISO and SCC certificates as well as qualifications granted by Polish Office of Technical Inspection.
SPEC-REM S.A. was established and started operating in 2013 using the potential of the organized group of employees and technical staff from the oil industry. Our employees have a documented, long-term work experience and appropriate professional qualifications.
On the basis of the professional experience possessed by our employees and the technical staff as well as the financial and technical facilities provided by the owners, the company quickly proceeded to the implementation of major repair and investment tasks, continuously increasing the scope of its activities.
In 2018, the Company transformed its ownership form from a limited liability company into a joint-stock company.
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SPEC-REM S.A. is a private company with a simple ownership structure, which is fully reflected in the management structure of the company.

We operate quickly and flexibly and the decision-making processes are concentrated in the Company.

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