The company provides comprehensive services for turnarounds of refineries and petrochemical installations. Our advantage is a qualified staff participating in repairs of large installations in Poland and abroad. As part of the overall approach to the client, we offer, among others, project management, construction management, engineering services for the needs of conducted repairs, planning and scheduling using professional software tools, purchase of machinery and equipment in accordance with the customer’s specification and comprehensive realization of construction assembly works with the focus on repairs of equipment and pipelines as well as prefabrication and assembly of new pipelines. We have specialized equipment to effectively carry out repair activities.

Our skills are not limited to the execution of tasks, but we are able to manage both construction and the safety on the whole construction site, which we have frequently proved during conducted repair works. We have the necessary knowledge and experience to take over the management of a separate repair area, both in technical and occupational health and safety terms.

We carry out repairs of equipment for the refining, petrochemical, chemical, food and energy industries, including those subject to the Office of Technical Inspection.