Heat exchangers

The heat exchanger is an important part of industrial installations, especially refinery installations. Maintenance of heat exchangers in a proper technical condition is a priority in a view of the proper functioning of industrial installations. Thanks to the qualified staff and appropriate maintenance procedures, we provide the highest quality services in the scope of maintenance, repairs and modernization of heat exchangers.

As part of our services we offer:

  • tightening/loosening of the main flange connections using torque
    wrenches as well as “hytorc” type hydraulic tensioners
  • pulling out and inserting tube bundles with the use of extractors
  • plugging of heat exchanger tubes
  • repair of welded joints – tube – tube sheet
  • delivery of new heat exchanger tube bundles with assembly
  • delivery of the whole new heat exchangers with assembly
  • leak testing and hydraulic tests
  • non-destructive testing
  • modernization, including changing the number of exchanger passes

Thanks to the experienced staff, the works are carried out efficiently, dynamically while maintaining high work safety.