The scope of our services
  • assembly and repair works in the area of petrochemical and chemical plants: apparatuses, columns, heat exchangers
  • prefabrication and assembly of piping
  • prefabrication and assembly of steel structures
  • prefabrication and assembly of tanks
  • construction of industrial installations
  • demolition of industrial facilities
  • maintenance and service works
  • repairs of industrial installations
  • project management
  • planning and scheduling

We are the company with its own execution potential, but we also take a coordinating role and conduct investment and repair processes as a general contractor.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full range of provided services.

Current maintenance
As part of maintenance services, we provide, among others, the maintenance of technological and auxiliary installations...
Planned repairs
The company provides comprehensive services for planned repairs of refinery and petrochemical installations.
Spec-Rem S.A. provides complete services in the field of industrial construction, general contractor ...
Pipelines & mechanics
Our main specialization is prefabrication and assembly of pipelines. We construct pipelines for ...
Steel structures
For the purposes of our own projects we are able to prefabricate steel structures, for this purpose we have ...
Heat exchangers
The heat exchanger is an important part of industrial installations, especially refinery installations ...
Columns, reactors, tanks
We provide services in the scope of installation of columns, reactors and tanks on foundations and steel ...
Project management
We have appropriate experience in the management of small and medium-sized constructions, including ...
Planning and scheduling
Planning and scheduling is a broad field related to operational management. In addition to creating plans and ...
Leak repairs
We provide services related to the repair of leaks and damage to pipelines with the use of clamps and composite materials ...

Our qualifications include approvals of the Office of Technical Inspection for assembly and welding works, in the scope of modernization and repair of pressure and non-pressure equipment for poisonous, corrosive and flammable materials. We have the qualifications of welding technology including four welding methods (111, 135, 141 and 141/111 according to EN ISO 4063) and five material groups for each welding method – material groups 1, 5, 8, 9 and 11 according to PN CR ISO 15608. We also have a certificate for the production of steel structures according to EN 1090-1 / 2 (EXC3) together with EN ISO 3834-3.